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bulletLectroStik™ Power 600XT™ Waxer
bulletLectroStik Wax

LectroStik™ Power 600XT™ Waxer
Has been discontinued, see alternate waxer shown here.

Heats-up in minutes and cleans-up in seconds.

Unbreakable glass-fortified lexan body is designed to withstand heat and resist marring. Transparent body allows easy wax level monitoring. Patented, solid-state engineering ensures reliable and precise heat control. Rolls a 1-1/2" wax coating.

LectroStik Wax

One coat coverage does the job.

High temperature, non-toxic wax for use with Lectrostik and all other hand waxers. Holds longer and re-positions easier. Packaged 60 cubes per 10 oz box.

Part # Description
MIS-LS601 LectroStik Wax
MIS-LS601C LectroStik Wax 12 boxes/case

Revised Feb 2007


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