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Varn is a leading manufacturer of premium pressroom chemistry. the Varn line is quality controlled by infrared spectrophotometry and guaranteed to be uniform and to perform to your complete satisfaction.

bulletEnvironmental Blanket & Roller Washes
bulletWater Miscible blanket & Roller Washes
bulletBlanket & Roller Washes
bulletSheet-Fed & Small Web Fountain Solutions
bulletDuplicator Fountain Solutions
bulletFountain Additives
bulletSpecialty Chemical Products
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bulletMSDS Material Specification Data Sheets 

Environmental Blanket & Roller Washes

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Water Miscible blanket & Roller Washes

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Blanket & Roller Washes

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Sheet-Fed & Small Web Fountain Solutions

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Duplicator Fountain Solutions

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Fountain Additives

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Specialty Chemical Products

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Removes the impurities that cause scumming, tinting, hickeys and premature plate wear. Gain better conductivity control over longer press runs. Fountain Solution is maintained at the same level of cleanliness as fresh solution, resulting in less residue in the trays, recirculator sump, and on the dampening rollers.

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Anti Set-Off Sprays



The primary function of anti set-off powders is to form a separation between the sheets of stock as they leave the press.  This separation traps air between the sheets to speed ink drying.  It also breaks the suction effects of wet ink and static and prevents the ink from setting off onto the sheet above.  This spray's ability to perform this function is a result of a combination of particle size, density and the number and nature of particles applied.  The largest users of anti set-off powders are folding carton printers, followed by label printers, large letterpress printers, flexographic printers and large offset printers.  Usually, as the weight of the printing stock increases, the recommended particle size also increases.


This data should help you identify the best first choice spray powder.

Coated spray powders represent the vast majority of applications.  Select coated powders for large corrugated printers, folding carton manufacturers, most four color work done on four color presses and most large sheetfed printers that run large heavy lifts of paper.  The grade of coated spray powder is determined by the weight of the paper stock, type of printing and spray equipment.  As a rule of thumb, the grade of coated powder (and the micron size) increases as the weight of the paper stock or height of the stack increases.

Varn's regular powders are usually used in work and turn printing, four color printing on presses which do not have four units, multiple color printing on presses with lesser printing units than the number of colors printed, any printing that requires multiple passes through the press.  There are some exceptions, but trapping, especially on small presses, is a little easier with regular spray powder.

MSDS Material Specification Data Sheets 

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Revised March, 2010


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